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I shall call thee:  Mistress List  (Last updated:  November 1, 2012)

I have been writing all of these out of order, but when you put them all together, it actually becomes a narrative!  The mistress list gets updated when I can.  I've also added really brief descriptions and ratings to help navigate this bad neighborhood:  under the cut!

Leave It To Chance (pre-slash)
(PG) Rene, before he is "Aramis," needs to pick his name.  Athos and Porthos "help" the only way they can.
A Matter of Inconvenience (pre-slash)
(PG) Aramis and Porthos need to save Athos from himself... and pay his rent.

It's Not What You Think (Please admire that the link actually has "666" in it)
(PG-13) The one that started it all - Athos is nearly killed; Aramis prays; romance blossoms.
For Now
(R) Continues what "It's Now What You Think" began but with more sex.
Fly Agaric (a yuletide madness 2011 drabble)
(PG) The components of d'Artagnan's balm are dissected by Athos and Aramis.
In Which Clothes Get Disrespected
(NC-17ish) The three musketeers discuss d'Artagnan; Aramis is jealous; Athos comforts him the only way he can.
Salve Regina
(NC-17) This is the infamous fic with the blasphemously hot sex on a prie-dieu.
The Return:  Crèvecoeur Edition
(PG) On the way back from Amiens, d'Artagnan and Athos pick up Aramis;  snarking ensues.
In Which a Visitation Turns into a Gift Followed by Philosophizing
(NC-17) Here be sex and also rimming
Before the Reveille
(PG-13) After the adventures of St. Gervais, Aramis and Athos go for a "walk" in a field; d'Artagnan and Porthos engage in some friendly mockery
Three Days In Hell
(PG-13) After Milady's execution, the journey back to Paris is painstakingly documented.
(R) The night before Porthos is to get married, he gets lucky!  With d'Artagnan!
The First Adieu
(PG-13) Porthos gets married; d'Artagnan acts like a jealous bint of Athos and Aramis' relationship.
The Response (Grimaud's Story)
(R) After Aramis leaves, Grimaud has to keep his and Athos's shit together.  Read warnings.
Something Entirely Different (Rochefort's POV)
(PG-13) While all this drama is going on, Rochefort is... being himself.  And fights three duels with d'Artagnan.
The Particulars of an Adventure of Marie Michon
(R) While Athos is looking for Aramis... Oh my goodness:  Raoul is conceived! 
There Is No Accounting For Taste
(PG-13) Traumatized by having just unknowingly conceived Raoul, Athos visits Porthos; Aramis is still missing.
(NC-17)  Aramis is located.  Violence, sex and blasphemy ensue in a monastery.
Tempus Fugit
(NC-17) How Athos and Aramis spent their time in the Loire Valley.  PWP!
Credidi In Te
(R) A trip home; psychosomatic paralysis; a marriage; sex in a chapel.
In Another Time
(PG-13) Athos receives a Raoul gift.  Aramis must make a decision.

17th Century Booty Call (epistolary fic!)
(NC-17) Right before Twenty Years After opens, Aramis weaves several simultaneous intrigues; Athos shares a fascinating dream.
The Time Thieves (Twenty Years After)
(PG-13 for Part 1; R for Part 2) It's just a rough life being a single father, married to a priest, and being friends with d'Artagnan.
The Best We Could
(M or R) Athos and Aramis must part ways AGAIN.  Ugh, how annoying.
In Vinculis
(R) Five years later, Athos and Porthos hunt ducks; Athos and Chevreuse have a weird love affair; Athos can't stay away from Aramis; and sex is had by (almost) all!

Lies of Omission (Vicomte de Bragelonne)
(PG-13 to M for mild bondage)  D'Artagnan's visit to the Bishop of Vannes does not go as smoothly as he hoped.

The Last Farewell
(G) This is depressing and should not be read ever.  By anyone.

There are also some ridiculous things that can only be found at AO3 and are still musketeer-themed but do not fit my canon:

Surgeons Are A Long Time Coming
A Lesson in Manners
A Gift to Treasure
Trailer Trash
The Plural of Us

Also, Zoi and I wrote a musketeer rock-star AU!

And then there was Eric Northman, which fits chronologically somewhere between "For Now" and "Salve Regina" but is not part of the canon chronology for obvious reasons.

Losing the Scent
Honey and Oakwood


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