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Greetings!  Thanks for being my author, you wonderful being, you.  Looking hot, by the way.

I'm feeling like a lazy fuck this year so I'm plagiarizing the first part of my author letter from last year because it's still applicable.

In general, you cannot go wrong with giving me:  sex, raunchy dirty sex, as long as it's consensual and not underaged.  I'm more into h/h than into h/c.  I am not into mpreg, domestic kink, or men behaving like women.  Het sex is okay if it moves the plot along (towards the gay sex).

1.  For my first request, I'm sure everyone is shocked to know that I went with The Three Musketeers (i.e. The Book).  I'm really fortunate to belong to a fandom where most, if not all, of my fetishes generally get fulfilled.  But one can never have enough of a good thing.  So, here is a list of things that you can feel free to select from that you know in advance would please me:

- I have long had this idea in my head that in an alternate reality in which Porthos was to disappear/get abducted (for whatever reason), that Athos, Aramis, and d'Artagnan would probably kill each other.  But perhaps you disagree.  What do you think would happen?  I'd love to read an AR like that (even though I'd really miss Porthos).

- Anything (up to and including threesome) with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis being THEMSELVES.   Honestly, the threesome does seem rather out of character due to Porthos and his rather raging heterosexuality, but hey, maybe you can convince me otherwise!  I just think the three of them have great chemistry together and need to hang out more.

- Have I mentioned the one where Athos and Aramis snark at each other and have hot sex?  I know I'm perfectly capable of doing this MYSELF, but it's so much nicer when other people do it for me.  XD <3

- Also, if you're really motivated, you can leave 1625 behind and go straight to 1649.  I won't complain.  Really.

2.  Next, we have the Opera Slash:  Fandom of Two (as I like to call it).  I requested Verdi's Un Ballo In Maschera.  Why?  Because it needs more gay.  While I prefer the Italian version to the Swedish version (Riccardo and Renato is so much more appealing sounding than Gustavo and Count Whatshisface), if you're actually rock-star enough to write this for me, I will not complain regardless of which version you choose to slash for me.  If you're reading over this entry, then I'm sure I don't need to explain to you what a huge boner the tenor and the baritone have for each other.  Like I said:  needs more gay!  If you're feeling particularly naughty, you might also throw in some Oscar/Riccardo in there (I mean... right???  How gay is Oscar?  Super gay.).

3.  Finally, we have Alexander (2004), the Oliver Stone fiasco.  This could have been ALL the things.  Instead it was some of the things and a lot of heart-ache and disappointed.  Instead of Alexander the GRRRRREAT, we got Alexander the So-So.  At least there is Jared Leto's immaculate face.  Use it as inspiration to write me lots of hot sex!  Oh and the guy who played Bagoas was quite well cast too, so he can join in the hot man-on-man action as well, if you're so inclined.  I'm really not into Roxanne, so let's just pretend that she doesn't exist for a moment.  (What was UP with that ridiculous growling scene anyways?)  Although Alexander/Hephaistion are definitely my OTP for this fandom, if you'd like to involve the other hot men from this film in the fun, I will not object.

Thanks again and may this Yuletide bring you joy and joyness!



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