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Hello and welcome to my circus of Yule,

Thank you so much for being my writer this year!  No matter what you give me (if you happen to be writing for any of these fandoms) chances are I will love you long after Yuletide is past.

In general, you cannot go wrong with giving me:  sex, raunchy dirty sex, as long as it's consensual and not underaged.  I'm more into h/h than into h/c.  I am not into mpreg, domestic kink, or men behaving like women.  Het sex is okay if it moves the plot along (towards the gay sex).

Under the Poppy
by Kathe Koja:
I love this book so much.  Really anything with Rupert/Istvan would please me greatly.  It can take place in the past, before the book opens, and explores their relationship in the earlier stages.  Really, anything you write would be fabulous, and I would love you forever.

Don Carlo (Opera) by Verdi:
This opera is just so slashy!  To start with, everyone is sleeping with Philip, let's face it.  Well, we know Eboli and Rodrigo are.  What's that like?  Let's explore it.  Also, Rodrigo and Carlo have such a complex love affair.  Let's explore that too.  And just the entire Rodrigo/Philip ship:  it's so tragic.  Let's feel sad about it.  So much gay, so much opportunity, don't hold back!

La Forza Del Destino (Opera) by Verdi:
Verdi is excellent at creating these fascinating m/m dynamics (and making us cry).  Look at these two idiots:  they're so in love with each other, yet they're driven by "fate" to be enemies.  These frenemies need to just fuck it out.  How about an AU where Carlo gets over himself and just happily goes to bed with Alvaro, and everyone forgets Leonora at the hermitage?  Or if you prefer to stick to canon, at least give me some hot Alvaro/Carlo brothers in arms action (I mean sex by that, by the way).

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas:
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  Aramis/Athos = OTP.  Athos/Porthos = BrOTP.  Athos/Porthos/Aramis = Shenanigans.  Pretty much go at it and do whatever you like, so long as no one dies (of these three people).  It's Yuletide and I am in the mood for something happy.  If there happens to be my OTP sex in it, well that would be a bonus.

Thanks and happy Yule!Cheers,



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