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I shall call thee:  Mistress List  (Last updated:  November 1, 2012)

I have been writing all of these out of order, but when you put them all together, it actually becomes a narrative!  The mistress list gets updated when I can.  I've also added really brief descriptions and ratings to help navigate this bad neighborhood:  under the cut!

All my doings.... )

There are also some ridiculous things that can only be found at AO3 and are still musketeer-themed but do not fit my canon:

Surgeons Are A Long Time Coming
A Lesson in Manners
A Gift to Treasure
Trailer Trash
The Plural of Us

Also, Zoi and I wrote a musketeer rock-star AU!

And then there was Eric Northman, which fits chronologically somewhere between "For Now" and "Salve Regina" but is not part of the canon chronology for obvious reasons.

Losing the Scent
Honey and Oakwood
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Dear Adoring Public,

Many years ago I traveled to Greece and when I returned, I did not feel like working, so I wrote Ancient Greek Gayness to amuse myself.  Now, at the insistence of a friend of mine who works for Amazon, I have e-published this masterpiece for general consumption.  If you happen to be partial to smutty-smut and gay-gayness with vague historical and mythological references peppered in for the sake of flavoring, you might actually enjoy Poseidon's Falls.  There are pretty men in there, and they are often wet and naked.

But what is ever better than the actual content of this work, is the cover art my magnificent collaborator (as listed on Amazon) made for me.  BEHOLD:

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Happy New Year!

I wrote two fics this year for Yuletide:

Regret the Devil (for The Three Musketeers)

Athos/Aramis, pre-series (Rated PG-13)


After Midnight (for Eastern Promises)

Kirill/Nikolai (Rated R)

And I received fabulous Opera slash for La Forza del Destino, which made me happy, so you can read that here:  These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends by Tissezdesvoiles

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Hello and welcome to my circus of Yule,

Thank you so much for being my writer this year!  No matter what you give me (if you happen to be writing for any of these fandoms) chances are I will love you long after Yuletide is past.

This way please )
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Just on Tumblr.  It's quite liberating in its communal neuroses.

Anyways, I'm back to say that the nominations for Yuletide are open and I nominated the following things:

Under the Poppy by Kathe Koja, Don Carlo and La Forza del Destino (Verdi wrote the gayest operas), and oh yeah, Fifty Shades of Grey.  Just kidding, The Three Musketeers.  Jeez.

I hope everyone is well and equally not dead.  I get very excited for "this time of year."
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 In case anyone is wonder what I've been up to of late, the answer is writing all the Revolution porn.  (Or at least a large brunt of it.)

(Also, catching up on, oh about 8 seasons of "Supernatural" because better late than never.)

OK, if anyone is interested, here are all the Revolution fics so far.  They're all rated NC-17 and they all have kinky man sex in them.  (Except "Sassy Gay Revolution" because that is obviously a parody.)  Ropes, threesomes, and gags, oh my!

Off the Hook

Moxie Falls


To See Italy and Die

Awaiting Orders

Sassy Gay Revolution

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 HI GUYS!   How would you like some NEW YEAR PORN???  I admit, I'm cheating on my fandom with "Revolution" but, hey, you know what, porn is porn, and this porn is hard core.  I went there.  That's right.  

Title:  Awaiting Orders
Fandom:  Revolution
Pairing:  Miles/Monroe
Rating:  NC-17, for sure
Warning:  If spankings and choking bother you, in a sexual content, then you know, you've been warned, and such.
Plot:  Really, it doesn't matter, there's SEX and a lot of it, and hot men, and so there you have it.

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I've finally gotten around, this incredibly weird holiday season, to giving the Musketeers some love.  Or at least some ridicule.  They deserve both, really!

This was written for the Ficathon on andoneforall on LJ.

Behold here on AO3 
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Greetings!  Thanks for being my author, you wonderful being, you.  Looking hot, by the way.

I'm feeling like a lazy fuck this year so I'm plagiarizing the first part of my author letter from last year because it's still applicable.

This way! )
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For those who have not seen this on [livejournal.com profile] andoneforall, Zoi and I wrote an [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang fic!  And Rio illustrated it!  The world will never be the same!  In case you were wondering and have not guessed, yes, it is a Three Musketeers AU in which they are modern day rock stars - logically.

Notes, disclaimers, actual fic, all things that are good are at THE FOLLOWING LINK.

Or ON AO3, if you prefer.  (Yes, we're whorish like that!)

Please enjoy the banner by [livejournal.com profile] speak_me_fairin the meantime:

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Dear LJ,

If you know me, you realize, without me having to say so explicitly, that I think Fifty Shades of Grey is the worst thing to have happened to minds of the susceptible mediocrities out there since... let's go with the Hitler Youth, shall we?

I have railed against it on FB, starting with this gem of a photo at a book store, to my undying love for the fiftyshadesofsuck blog, to these amazing reviews of the dreck written by one hilarious martyr (thank you, sweet ladies, for taking one for the team so that the rest of us don't have to).  But now, the Evil has spread to contaminate something I hold very dear (i.e. Matt Bomer) and I must unleash an outpouring of vomit right here on this subject.

Have you guys heard of this bullshit?  Apparently the person originally slated to write the script for this Hemorrhoid-ridden Anus of all that is literature introduced the idea of casting Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, i.e. possibly the most boring, despicable, phenotypically mutant, and emotionally derelict character in all of history (and best of all - UNINTENTIONALLY SO).  But then, this douchebag, let's call him BRET EASTON ELLIS (because that is his name), declared that Matt Bomer is... uh... "unqualified" (my quote, not his) to play Christian, because he is of the homosexual persuasion.  A part of me would like to be happy that Mr. Ellis has since been replaced and widely panned for his statement, and that Mr. Bomer has a strong enough support base to shut this ridiculousness down.

....However.... )
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I presume it's okay to squee about this on my journal...

We have a post date for the [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang that [livejournal.com profile] zoi_no_miko and I have been working on this year!  It's August 69th 14th!!!!  And [livejournal.com profile] speak_me_fair is doing our artwork, so it will be a true Musketeer endeavor all around ;).  I am massively excited about THE RIDICULOUSNESS that we are going to rain down upon you.  (Or should I say "y'alls"?  Heh heh heh.)
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For [livejournal.com profile] speak_me_fair
Rating: R
Size:  ~7K words
Warnings:  naughty words, naughty thoughts, massive angst, pointless self-denial, blasphemy, confessionals, sex (both m/f and m/m), duck murder
Chronology:  Picks up 5 years after “The Best We Could
Plot:  Athos pays Porthos a visit and receives some friendly advice.  But will he take it?  And even if he does, will Aramis forgive him for the way they last parted?
Note:  Dear Rio – happy birthday!  Apparently, I was a big jerk earlier this year when I wrote “The Best We Could.”  So, for this fic, I wanted to make you something that a) made up for that particular fic in every way and b) kept you entertained for longer than 3 seconds.  I think I may have succeeded in one of my goals!


Please, receive all the things... )

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For[livejournal.com profile] quoshara's birthday - happy birthday!

Title: A Matter of Inconvenience
Rating:  PG
Size:  ~1,400 words
Plot:  Seasonal depression can be very inconvenient, especially when one's friends have to deal with its consequences!  Porthos and Aramis deal with a sudden onslaught of Athos-times.
Thanks to:  Rio, who not only inspired this, but also sleeplessly betaed it.


For your enjoyment.... )

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Apparently I was wrong about never writing another piece in my "Moments in Time" cycle (as it was dubbed by [livejournal.com profile] lurky_mcstalker). But also, I'm sorry in advance if this is kinda shitty.  This is my idea of a Valentine's Day fic, obviously!

Title:  The Best We Could
Rating:  M-ish (In which the sexings occur but are not described in the usual sense)
Size:  ~1,600
Chronology:  Takes place right at the very end of Twenty Years After.
Plot:  So, they've been through a lot, and now clearly Athos is in a shitty mood (as per usual).  He and Aramis have an "adult" conversation and we learn about how someone is the master of self-sabotage.  And this is how they spend their last night together (of possibly ever).
Warnings:  I don't know.  This makes ME sad.  But that could be a personal problem.  P.S. Rio, I love you!

"I grow more ridiculous in my old age" )

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In your own space, ask for help.


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It would appear I'm ever so slightly derelict in my snowflaking duties, but I decided to do today's challenge:

Talk about a piece of original canon and explain why you love it so much.

Easy! )
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Today's challenge is to talk about a talent you have.

It's really NOT a gift )
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In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Drop a link to your wish-list in this post. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

Hm...  I think I've said this before, but I am lucky enough to belong to a fandom that leaves no desire unfulfilled.  However, I'm always happy to receive the things discussed in my Yuletide Author Letter.  Yes, I can take that any time of the year, for any occasion!

But if I had to think of new things, I'd say, it would be pretty awesome to get visual art work/illustrations based on the fics that I've written myself.  I have zero skills with graphic software, so I will never be able to do this for myself.  Same goes for icons:  I suck at making them (unless they're of Maria Callas, in which case I clearly don't need anything except her beautiful beautifulness).

Also, fanvids.  I love fanvids!  If you make me a fanvid, I will be a fan of you.  Perhaps a fanvid featuring Luke Evans' beautiful face?   Anyone?  
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